AuntBertha_white-44.pngHelps Teams and Their Clients Work Together for Better Outcomes.

The Aunt Bertha Platform allows your team member’s knowledge about programs and the referrals they make for your clients to live in a central database instead of in their notebooks,
promoting efficiency and collaboration.

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When you get a call or are faced with a person who needs your help, your credibility with them depends on easy access to accurate information.

Aunt Bertha helps teams move out of notebooks and spreadsheets and into an online platform that gives them the power to share evaluations on programs, share client referrals and work with their teams to manage client outcomes.

Aunt Bertha supplies program information that covers the entire nation, but your team works with these programs day in and day out. Your teams know which programs are responsive and who to talk to at a program in order to get things done.

With program sharing in the Aunt Bertha Platform, your teams can make sure their program knowledge is easily accessible. They can share their favorite programs, leave reviews and notes about programs, and even create a program folder, like "Favorite Food Pantries", to share with their entire team.

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Referral sharing on the Aunt Bertha Platform means that your team members never have to search for a client's referral history, and with our hosting and security platform, you don't have to worry about data security.

Your team can share and collaborate on referral folders for clients across the organization. This way, no matter who is working with a particular client, they can see what programs they have already been referred to, update the status, and make new referrals as well, all in the same client record.

The Aunt Bertha Platform ensures that teams can share program information and collaborate on client referrals in a secure environment. 

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