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Aunt Bertha's Simple Search Box

  • Valuable for Those You Help: Allow people to start the search for help right from your site.
  • Reduce Staff Burden: Does your team have “resources” pages? Are they typically incomplete, or quickly get outdated?  The Simple Search Box gives your users access to a plethora of up to date programs with no extra work for your staff to keep them updated.
  • Seamless Connections: Those in need will find more programs in your area that can help, with one click--right from your website.
  • Customizable: You can configure your search box to match the colors and language of your brand so that it blends in seamlessly wherever you embed it.
  • No Cost: Simple Search Boxes are free!
  • Add It Anywhere (with Ease): It can easily be added to any website where people in need go for help. Think: your organization's home page, resources page, or internal staff site.
  • Reporting: See reporting on the searches happening on your Simple Search Box (and consider using this to help your organization predict real-time needs in your community).

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