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The majority of children who grow up with complex social needs do not end up in the juvenile justice system, but the majority of children in the system grow up with complex social needs.
The tools from Aunt Bertha help reduce the potential for needs-based delinquency,
by providing easy access to the social programs that can help.

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Ensure that the children you are looking out for have the best possible access to the resources they need to succeed. With programs for food, transportation, tutoring, and more right at your fingertips, Aunt Bertha's robust database of social services contains programs that help meet the needs of children and their families across the nation.  

The Aunt Bertha tool set not only helps to identify necessary resources; it also allows those who work with at-risk kids and juvenile offenders to make referrals, track referral progress and ensure that their clients and their caregivers are receiving the help necessary to reduce the impact of their social needs on their future.



Aunt Bertha provides the data infrastructure and reporting tools that allow you to build a picture of the social needs affecting kids and families in your area. With the reporting available from Aunt Bertha you will know which social needs are searched most often, and you can assess the gaps between needs and the services available.

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