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Make your employees happy by integrating the Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform into your systems. No double data entry, no extra logins to remember, no fuss.

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The Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform allows you to utilize standard Single Sign-On (SSO) Protocols. This means your staff doesn't have to remember another password! 

We support the leading single sign-on protocols:

  • OpenID - Created and maintained by the OpenID Foundation;
  • SAML 2.0 - Enables web-based authentication and authorization, including cross-domain single sign-on;
  • OAuth2 - Provides simple authorization use cases for web applications and is supported by Google, Facebook, Twitter and other popular websites; and
  • Custom - We also support legacy single sign-on scenarios. 

The Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform can integrate with your system(s) of record. Your employees can perform searches and make referrals from your EMR, Case Management, Care Coordination or other systems.  We are already integrated with Epic (find us on their App Orchard), Salesforce, and Altruista Health. If you have a system you want us to integrate with, lets chat.



We have a mature and robust API that's used to make sure your employees don't have to do any unnecessary data entry. For the non techies out there, API is short for Application Programming Interface and using an API allows your systems to talk to each other. 

With our integrations, your employees won't have to remember another password or do double data entry. Reach out for a demo anytime.

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