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Our customers serve more than 100 million Americans and use the Aunt Bertha Platform to connect their clients to food, health, housing, job training and education programs to get them through difficult times.

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Some of Our Customers

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The Aunt Bertha Platform

With the most comprehensive database of community service programs out there today, our platform covers every zip code in the United States (yes, all 43,000 of them).  

Your staff will become more efficient and effective, quickly finding and referring clients with diverse needs to hundreds of available programs no matter where they live.  And with team features like creating referrals electronically, sharing programs and notes with co-workers, and closing-the-loop on referrals you'll find your employees will save time, allowing them to focus more on what they do best: helping people.

We work tirelessly to assure that helping people helps your bottom line and grows your impact. When people get the community services they need they're less likely to show up at the emergency room, miss school, lose a job, or fall further into poverty.  Hospitals and health insurance plans benefit by avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits.  Even cause organizations and non-profits see greater results and impact with the same staff resources.

Please read on to dive into the features and how the Aunt Bertha Platform can work for you. 

Nationwide Data
Aunt Bertha has the most comprehensive database of programs out there, in big cities and in small towns. We continually add to it and keep the data accurate. And it's all available to you on day 1. 
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Easy to Use
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Making our site fast, accurate and easy to use is our top priority. We not only apply time-tested practices to the platform, we get out in the community and shadow social workers and seekers to better understand their needs.
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Our search platform is highly configurable allowing you to create a branded search experience for your clients with your own look and feel, highlighting programs you know and trust. 
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Aunt Bertha's search, referrals and application processing platform allows anyone to connect on any device and check the status of their referral or close-the-loop. That way care managers have the most up-to-date information possible.


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Build and share folders of the best programs with co-workers and clients, follow-up on a client's behalf when his case manager is out and leave feedback on a program's effectiveness so your colleagues can benefit from your knowledge.
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Guided Search

The Guided Search Workflow allows you to institute best practices to encourage your care management teams are following your best practices.

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The Aunt Bertha platform incorporates secure data storage and transmission. The team keeps pace with best-practice industry standards to protect data helping to ensure HIPAA compliance.


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Develop data-driven strategies and take the guesswork out of analytics. Our reporting dashboard gives you a more complete picture of community needs, with the "who, what, and where" so you can find the why and your organization can make smarter decisions.

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Increase adoption, usage and ease amongst your team, which will ultimately lead to more impact and a better ROI by integrating the Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform into your systems. No double data entry, no extra logins to remember, no fuss.

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