Accountability through Data Accuracy

Your credibility with your clients in need depends on your ability to provide them with accurate information that makes a difference in their lives. Our focus on providing quality program data makes the Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform the best kept source for program information available.

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We list program information for every ZIP code in the U.S.A., from the biggest cities to the smallest towns, (yes, even in Alaska and Hawaii!).

We are dedicated to keeping social service program information current, so you don't have to.  We've spent the last six years building a large, dedicated data operations team that is responsible for indexing government and charitable health and human service programs. Our team is constantly entering free and reduced cost programs - and keeping up with the changes, so you don't have to. We're your outsourced shop for keeping information current - so you can better focus on your mission.

Our team is dedicated to keeping social service program information current so you don't have to. Whether we find the program ourselves with our proprietary identification methods or someone refers a program to us, every one is reviewed by multiple people before we add it to our database.

Our team finds the most important information directly from the service provider's websites and through program verification phone calls our staff makes.  We then use the Open Eligibility Taxonomy to tag each program with the correct services offered and who those services are offered to. These tags make programs easy to find. Once information is approved and on the site, the team reviews programs on a regular basis to continually verify the information.

All of this work assures the information is accurate, easy to find - and with written descrpitions that get to the point - saving users the need to go read program websites where information can be buried or confusing.

Want to manage information on your programs?

The Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform also encourages service providers to claim their account on the platform, allowing them to make changes to their listings, update their capacity, or add new programs in near real-time.

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The Aunt Bertha Enterprise Platform allows your organization the ability to personalize the program data displayed by adding programs you offer exclusively to your clients. You can prominently display the programs you've already vetted, and only your clients can see them. That way they can begin signing up for services you endorse.


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Aunt Bertha is so powerful because it combines the institutional knowledge of providers across Camden and makes that knowledge publicly available.


Dr. Jeffrey Brenner
Founder, Camden Coalition

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