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Meet the needs of your clients in your own configurable interface, with navigation and search results displayed to your specifications.

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The Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform allows you to make your clients feel at home when searching for services to address their social needs.

With available features like configurable categories and search results, your own logos, your own colors, and your own URLs - you can control the way your staff and clients' search and referrals experience. 


Configurable Navigation

With the option for configurable navigation on the Enterprise platform, you can create, rename, and rearrange categories in the navigation so that users can easily find the resources that are in highest demand for your particular clientele.

Configure Your Search Results

Your organization can prioritize programs that they have vetted or invested in so that they show up as "Featured" programs.  

Your team can also influence the order that other search results display by identifying the types and characteristics of programs that you want to display first.




The standard Aunt Bertha Platform navigation


The navigation modified to meet the needs of an organization focused on health


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Your organization is trusted and valued in your community. Your clients know you and trust you. To that end, the Aunt Bertha Platform offers the ability to extend and leverage your brand with your users, beginning with including your logo and even your brand colors and your own instructional copy as part of the search experience.  

The Aunt Bertha Platform allows organizations to use the private domain option ( so that they have a seamless user experience.

Make the Aunt Bertha Platform an extension of your organization when you configure the navigation and brand elements to meet the needs of your clients. 

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