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Use Aunt Bertha to build a program that connects your members to social programs, keeping them healthy when life throws them a curve ball. 

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Aunt Bertha has the most robust nationwide database of social services and resources, which enables Commercial Health Plans the tools they need to help their members find community services. When basic needs of members are met - like access to transportation and housing - their health tends to be better and their utilization of health services tends to be lower.


Effective care coordination is the best way to ensure the needs of members are met, which can reduce their use of health services. Our tools help you identify and refer members to important resources that address their needs outside of health -- like food, job-training and financial assistance.




Aunt Bertha provides the infrastructure you need to track the impact of community resource referrals, reduce unnecessary utilization of services, and make informed decisions. Aunt Bertha delivers valuable data you need to manage your social determinants of health program more effectively at your company.





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Aunt Bertha is so powerful because it combines the institutional knowledge of providers across Camden and makes that knowledge publicly available.


Dr. Jeffrey Brenner
Founder, Camden Coalition

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