The Aunt Bertha Blog

Why We Don’t Require You to Login

We know that people are often searching on Aunt Bertha at their most vulnerable times.  It is in these moments that our mission to remove every barrier between the person in need and the program that can help them is most important.

In an effort to minimize or remove all barriers, we never require a login to access the Aunt Bertha program search.

This is not a “business first” decision, it is a “seeker first” decision. By not requiring a login, we assure that people in need can:

  1. Find help fast. A zip code is all you need to find programs of support.
  2. See all the key info. No program information is hidden to a user who is not logged in.
  3. Find help barrier free.  Creating an account or remembering your password are barriers - we recognize that and have removed them as a requirement to find help.
  4. Search in private. Search for sensitive information without the feeling that your searches are tracked or your privacy is lost. 

So while there are benefits to logging in, we don’t force it. We believe that by not requiring a login we are living our value of putting seekers first, and we hope you agree!