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Announcing Appointment Scheduling

We always begin team meetings at Aunt Bertha with our mission statement--"To connect all people in need and the programs that serve them (with dignity and ease)." As part of that mission, we strive to build products that help community based organizations streamline their processes, work together, and most importantly, save time so they can better meet the needs of the people they serve.

We consistently heard from program administrators that they lacked insight into their teammate's schedules and consequently ended up double (or triple) booking intake appointments more often than not. This left helping professionals at these organizations overworked and people in need confused on what was next. We believed there was a better way.  

It's with that belief in mind that we bring you Appointment Scheduling 

The Appointment Scheduling tool offers a way for claimed community based organizations listed on Aunt Bertha to easily create, schedule, and manage appointments with people in need of services as a key step in their intake process. Managing appointments can be stressful (on both sides), time consuming, and expensive. Our tool is free and simple to use. 


 Community Based Organizations will save time, resources, and can:

  • Benefit from a full history of their work with a person in need, including appointments, all on one platform. 
  • Easily show availability for appointments at your program location(s)
  • Book appointments on behalf of people in need, or allow them to book for themselves
  • Schedule appointments for colleagues 
  • Save calendar invites to colleagues' work calendars

People In Need get the dignity of an immediate response and can:

  • Easily see when and where their appointment is
  • See what documents or identification they'll need to bring to their appointment
  • Get reminders via email or text message so they never miss an important appointment. 

Interested in adding appointment scheduling to your program listings on Aunt Bertha? We're so glad! Just click below and our team will get you set up. Reminder: Appointment Scheduling is a completely free feature--all you have to do is claim your program listing

Learn more

As always, we'd love your feedback on this, and all features on Aunt Bertha. Send your thoughts to


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Do Some Social Good On Your Lunch Break:

Happy Holidays!

Team Bertha hopes this time of year finds you well and in good spirits. These days we are working hard to improve our ability to help struggling families find help, enjoying the change in seasons, and expressing gratitude for supporters like you and the work we get to do in the world. I don't know about you, but doesn't it feel like there are so many worthy causes and not enough time?

We get it!
Recently, we came across Sparked works with non-profits all across the world to match your skills and interests with small tasks you complete for them on your computer! The jobs are fun, high impact, and usually require less than 15 minutes to complete. For example, a job may be giving a charity in Costa Rica ideas on how to organize a fundraiser or providing feedback on whether or not you like a new logo design for a youth leadership center in New Jersey. You can help 3 non-profits in one day! offers you the chance to do great work for world changing organizations using the web!

Make an impact. Check it out!

Mozart Guerrier is a social worker and the community manager for Aunt Bertha.
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