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Run With Joy

  On an unrelated topic, I wanted to share this talk by Gilbert Tuhabonye. I was lucky to have been a gazelle for a few years (although I need to get back) and he is every bit as wonderful and inspiring in everyday life. 

He delivered this speech at TEDxAustin in 2011, and it's quite incredible.

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The Long Green Line

The Long Green Line is a movie about coach Joe Newton and the York High School Cross Country Teams. Newton has a formula he uses and it best can be described as a formula for success in life. Cross Country is simply an extension of that. I'm curious how many coaches we have left these days. Newton epitomizes the definition of that word, coach, which should be evaluated more often. Are we doing enough coaching in areas in which we have expertise? If so, who can/should we coach?

This documentary is excellent. And if you're an out of shape runner, like I am, it'll make you want to head out to the cross country fields and give it another whirl.

This link is to the documentary, which can be seen on Hulu. Check it out of you have some time to kill.

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Health Needs a Hero

Check out this AWESOME movie trailer for 'Health Needs a Hero', premiering in AustiN on Sunday, May 22.

HEALTH NEEDS A HERO - Marathon Promo from Jen Ohlson on Vimeo.

Find out more, and buy tickets here.
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Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome | Video on

Neil Pasricha: The 3 A's of awesome | Video on

I've been plugging away writing code this morning and finally finished a milestone. Hungry, and no food in the kitchen (desperately need to go to HEB), I took a short drive over to the Bouldin Creek Cafe for a delicious summer sammich. It was the perfect break, really.

Lately, I haven't been spending enough time taking breaks and giving my brain a chance to recharge - so I brought my book and some blank sheets of paper. While I waited for my sammich, I jotted down my to-do list, ordered each item and estimated how many hours it would take to complete what I was working on. I came up with 24 hours of "serious" work, which means no distractions like Facebook or TV. In actuality, based on my experience over these last six months, 24 hours of "serious work," usually means 96 hours of sitting in front of a computer.

Before I was to get started on my 24-hour programming marathon, I checked out and watched this incredibly touching video by Neil Pasricha, author of 1000 Awesome Things blog. In his discussion, pay close attention to his last last point: 100 years.

As for me, I feel fortunate to be a part of of a cause. And I plan to enjoy it. Whatever it takes to get through my to-do list, whether it's 24 or 96 hours, hearing great speeches, learning new things, eating summer sammiches in January and thinking about the faces of the people we just might be able to help is a rewarding way to spend a small part of that 100 years. That's my awesome thing today.
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Waiting for Superman

If you want to be inspired and learn about the education system in the United States, check out Waiting for Superman. Pay particular attention to a man named Geoffrey Canada. There's someone who's making a real difference in the world. 

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