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Aunt Bertha Makes Connecting Patients and Members to Social Programs Easier with Epic

Most people don't realize this, but chances are high that you have a current electronic health record on Epic, because 190 million people, or over half of Americans, do! 
 Today, a patient's health is determined by more than just their medical needs and hospital executives are noticing. An increased number of health systems are recognizing non-medical needs like housing, food, and transportation to be as important to a patient's overall health as a visit to the doctor's office. This was evidenced by a 2016 survey conducted in partership with GLG Social Impact, where we found that 94% of respondents indicated it is important or very important to connect patients with social programs. 
Epic, one of the largest electronic health records (EHR) companies, recently launched App Orchard, a way for third-party applications to integrate with the EHR system used by Health Systems across the country. In October, Aunt Bertha launched an application in the Epic's App Orchard which makes finding and connecting patients to social services seamless for health care professionals. 
What's an EHR? Epic stories the info about you and your doctors visits for hospitals and other clients. This is called your electronic health record (EHR).  And now, hospitals can help you connect with social services with the info in your electronic health record.
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Leveraging Aunt Bertha, Epic users can gain instant access to comprehensive, localized listings with hundreds of programs in every ZIP code in the United States and close the loop on referrals that are made. Epic community members can leverage Aunt Bertha content to deepen their understanding of the needs faced by the communities they serve.  
“Whether it’s access to food, transportation, financial services or education, addressing social determinants is a critical component of both quality of care and quality of life. Aunt Bertha is deploying this comprehensive approach, powered by technology, to help lead the way for patients in need and the people who serve them."
--Alan Hutchison, Vice President of Population Health, Epic.

Our team was incentivized to integrate with Epic so we could reach more people where they are and connect them to service. Think you can put Aunt Bertha to work for your patients? Learn more here and...


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