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Mental Health and Sandy Hook

There are a lot of people in the world today, over 7 billion, in case you missed the National Geographic special.  And rarely, are our jaws dropped in unison over anything.  After an event like that at Sandy Hook, we desperately look to each other for some kind of explanation.  Who can we blame to resolve this mess and be done with it?  How can we guarantee something like this will never happen again.

My Kung Fu teacher always says, when you're knocked down and in a bad position, don't expect to get out in one move.   Chances are, it took more than a couple wrong moves to get there in the first place and chances are it'll take more than a couple moves to get back out.

Perhaps the only thing we can do is start changing the way we think about and interact with mental health services as we move forward through this tragedy. 
At Aunt Bertha, we help connect people in need with appropriate programs in their community. Programs like Youth and Adult Counseling administered by LifeWorks that provides free counseling to help individuals and families deal with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.  And the CARE Program by Any Baby Can that helps families with children who have physical, developmental or behavioral special health care needs learn coping skills, receive emotional support and get connected with the right services to meet their needs.

Mental health matters.  And while we can't say for sure that more awareness and access to mental health services would help prevent something like Sandy Hook from happening again there's  probably not a better place to start. 

We're ready to see what happens when people can find mental health and other critical community services in seconds. Finding help is the first step.   

Do you know of a great mental health service?

Do something about it now.

Tell us about a program in your community.
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