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Stake Your Claim! Help keep program information up-to-date


A key challenge to connecting people with social services is keeping resource information current. Because program offerings and funding change constantly, it is not uncommon to gather a binder full of resource information that becomes outdated after just a few months. "Keeping up-to-date with new resources that can help our clients is definitely difficult," shares Runi Limary, Director of Programs at the Breast Cancer Resource Center in Austin, TX.  "Trying to maintain that data over time is even more challenging because things are constantly changing."

Aunt Bertha works with providers to solve this problem by allowing users to claim and maintain their program listings.  

 Claiming allows organizations to: 

  • Update listing details to ensure accuracy 
  • Indicate resource availability and capacity
  • Attach a screener to make it easier for potential clients to determine their eligibilty and to take the next step to reach out
  • Suggest or remove programs as needed

Providers who claim their programs also get access to a free dashboard that shows the number of times each of their programs has been returned in search results.  This information can be used to support program planning or fundraising efforts.


Anyone who works at an organization can claim programs using their work-affiliated email address.  

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