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Why You Should Log In

While we don’t require users to login to search on Aunt Bertha, we think users - be they a person seeking help, helping others, or providing services -  absolutely should log in (but we are admittedly biased). Give us a quick moment to try to explain.

Why Users Should Log In:

Individual users who log in to get special features that are unlocked with a free account.

  1. Save your favorite programs - Skip the search for your favorite programs each time you come in.  Save your favorites and organize them into folders for quick access.
    favorites- folders.png

    Figure 1.  Make Folders of Your Favorite Programs

  2. Manage referrals - View and manage the status of referrals that you have made for yourself or on behalf of someone else.
    referrals - status update.png

    Figure 2.  Manage Referrals That You Make

  3. View analytics -  View a detailed search history and get special reports on programs and searches in your area.  With individual reporting you can get answers to questions like: What new programs have been added to my area? Or what search did I do to find that program I liked?
individual search report.png

Figure 3.  Individual Search History

In order to access your new reporting and analytics tools, first you have to create an account and log into Aunt Bertha.  If you haven’t created an account yet, you can do so here.

You will have to complete some searches in order to have a search history, but make sure you log in each time in order to keep your data current.  

Once you’ve built some history, you can find your reports in the navigation at the top of the page. Just click the link called “Analytics".

If you manage a program that helps others in need, you should take a look at how Aunt Bertha helps direct service providers, too!


Why We Don’t Require You to Login

We know that people are often searching on Aunt Bertha at their most vulnerable times.  It is in these moments that our mission to remove every barrier between the person in need and the program that can help them is most important.

In an effort to minimize or remove all barriers, we never require a login to access the Aunt Bertha program search.

This is not a “business first” decision, it is a “seeker first” decision. By not requiring a login, we assure that people in need can:

  1. Find help fast. A zip code is all you need to find programs of support.
  2. See all the key info. No program information is hidden to a user who is not logged in.
  3. Find help barrier free.  Creating an account or remembering your password are barriers - we recognize that and have removed them as a requirement to find help.
  4. Search in private. Search for sensitive information without the feeling that your searches are tracked or your privacy is lost. 

So while there are benefits to logging in, we don’t force it. We believe that by not requiring a login we are living our value of putting seekers first, and we hope you agree!


New! Agency Referral Dashboard

Keeping track of inbound referrals and inquiries can be a hectic process. When inquiries are handled by different people at different times, it takes a lot to set up and manage a consistent means of tracking and following up on outcomes.  

That’s why we recently launched a new feature for service providers! Now you can review and respond to referrals to your programs, then track the outcomes within one central dashboard.

In this dashboard, you can:

  • See all inquiries and referrals your program received through Aunt Bertha
  • Easily find contact information to follow up with the person inquiring
  • See who referred someone to your services
  • Quickly update the status of referrals and inquiries to close the loop

You also have additional options to accept intake forms:

  • Get exactly the information you need with each referral
  • Link to these forms from your website as an online intake form
  • Easily respond to applicants and receive their replies, right in the dashboard
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 1.43.34 PM.png

With referral and inquiry activity being tracked for you, you can get a look at the bigger picture:

  • How many people are reaching out to your programs?
  • How many are able to receive services?
  • For those who don’t, what was the barrier?

Dig into this data via reports you can share with board members and funders to illuminate program activity.

All this is just the beginning. With this dashboard, we’re laying the foundation for a provider-focused workflow, to make it easier for you to help the people who are inquiring about your program. But we know there’s more to learn! We always appreciate feedback and the chance to learn from you, so we can continue to build our platform to better meet your needs.

If you have additional feedback, we'd love to hear it! Please reach out to us at

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