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Aunt Bertha Wins First Annual Royito's Salsa "Don't Do Mild" Award

(photo by Ariana Vincent @

On Friday night I was humbled to learn that Aunt Bertha was the winner of the first annual Royito's Hot Sauce "Don't Do Mild" award. The awards ceremony was the culminating event marking the end of RISE Week in Austin, put on by RISE Global. The award was given by marketing legend Roy Spence, the founder of GSD&M Idea City in Austin, TX. GSD&M has assisted major companies such as Southwest Airlines in their marketing efforts. 

RISE is a week-long conference for entrepreneurs. Those that have blazed the trail, and those just starting out get together and learn from each other. It's pretty amazing that you can be in a room with a bunch of creative people, and the energy is so great that ideas just keep popping into your head. 

To be recognized by RISE Austin and Roy Spence is an honor that we certainly did not expect. Aunt Bertha hopes to make Austin proud in the years to come. Yee-haw!

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