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Close the Loop Without Jumping Through Hoops

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to directly connect to social services anywhere in the US... with the click of a button? Now you can.

For years, Aunt Bertha has made it easy to find social services resources through our online database. Now we're taking the next step to seamlessly connect people to programs, saving people time and closing the gap between discovery and action.


Introducing, Connect! - a new feature offered by

When someone reaches out through the Connect button on any program listing, the agency will receive a notification about the inquiry and can reply directly to the person in need. Agencies also have the opportunity to add additional questions to the form so it's tailored to their intake process. The agency can then reply through Aunt Bertha to share additional information and collect required documents.  Anyone can use the Connect button, whether for themselves, as a seeker, or on behalf of someone else, as a helper.


Each person involved, the seeker, the helper and the agency have a dashboard where they can update the status of the connection.  The status reflected in one party's dashboard is updated across the other relevant dashboards as well. For example, if the agency changes the status in their dashboard and denotes a seeker's application is "in review", that information will be reflected in the seeker's and helper's dashboards as well. This allows for easy and more transparent communication across all groups, and helps to close the loop. Over time, the dashboard also becomes a place that logs a history of all the open and past connections for each person. 

We know that finding and connecting to social services can be challenging, and even scary. We also know that there is a big gap in closing the loop, assuring services were received. Our hope is that by making it as easy as possible to connect and communicate, it will help us all to acheive our ultimate goal: knowing people have found the help and support they need.

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Aunt Bertha Raises $5 Million Investment to Democratize Human Services Search and Referrals

Series B funding led by Techstars Ventures allows company to extend lead as the number one search platform for social service search, referrals and application processing.

Austin, TX, June 7, 2016 - Aunt Bertha, the social services search and referral platform, today announced a $5 million Series B round of financing led by Techstars Ventures (TSV). Jason Seats, partner at TSV will join Aunt Bertha’s board.

“There’s a lot of unnecessary suffering going on for many Americans including veterans, those with low income, and those with complicated medical conditions. Many don’t know about government or charitable programs that can help,” said Aunt Bertha CEO Erine Gray. “The growth capital will help us extend our lead as the number one search and referral platform for social services. We’ll also continue to partner with the most innovative health care organizations, community foundations and governments.”

Techstars has a long history of building successful software platforms, including investments in Uber, Twilio and Sendgrid. “After my trip to Boulder, CO to meet the Techstars team, it was clear that they were the partners we wanted to work with,” said Gray. “Our company cultures were aligned.”, a social services search and referrals platform, is available to everybody in the United States - everywhere - from New York City to small towns like Ashland, VA. The Austin, TX based team has spent the last five years indexing the country’s health and human services programs, including those provided by charities and government agencies. is easy to use and free to the public. To date more than 207,500 people have used the platform - either to help themselves, or to help others.

“What we liked about Aunt Bertha was that they found a way to provide a valuable service to folks in need but also put together a business model to support it. We were impressed with their customer list, which includes some of the country’s most well-respected hospitals, foundations and health insurance companies.” - Jason Seats, Techstars Ventures.

The company sells a premium version of it’s platform to employers of large groups of social workers and case managers. The enterprise version makes it simple for employees of these organizations to find social services on behalf of their clients, make referrals to agencies that can help and report on activity and outcomes.

“I first met Erine and the team in 2013,” said Liz Luckett, president of The Social Entrepreneur Fund (TSEF), an investor and Aunt Bertha board member. “The team has dedicated their careers to fixing problems in health and human services and have the experience and customer insight to deliver. They’re using data and reporting to communicate public health insights that could fundamentally change how services are delivered. It’s going to be exciting to watch.”

About Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha is a search platform for finding and applying for social services in the United States. People in need, case managers and social workers can find and apply for government and charitable services in seconds. The company also provides enterprise tools for organizations that employ large groups of social workers. Aunt Bertha is a privately held company based in Austin, TX, founded by Erine Gray. For more information, please visit