The Aunt Bertha Blog

Find Partners and Make Big Ideas Happen

Written by Aunt Bertha's VP of Sales, Chris Dunkin. 

As Aunt Bertha continues to increase the numbers of Social Workers and Seekers that use our solution and bring on exciting new clients, I know one thing for certain:  We couldn’t have gotten to where we are today on our own.

As the proverb goes “It takes a village to raise a child”, it also takes a village to bring a good idea to reality.  So at Aunt Bertha we have always had a focus on establishing and building the right partnerships. 

Take for example our partnership with Case Commons.  Case Commons provides innovative case management technology that can transform the way public human service agencies meet the needs of the country’s most vulnerable children and families.  Aunt Bertha now integrates with Case Commons, so Social Workers can quickly search for social programs for their clients without ever leaving their case management software.

What was the key to making this partnership, or any partnership, successful?  Each organization brought significant value to the other.  By using Aunt Bertha, Case Commons will be able to bring additional benefits to their clients and differentiate from competitors when going after new business.  By partnering with Case Commons, Aunt Bertha will be able to have a positive impact on more Seekers and secure new clients that we would not have reached on our own.

Are you trying to make a big idea happen?  Are you trying to make a significant change in your organization?  If so, acknowledge where you may need help.  No person or organization has all the resources they could wish for, so identify areas where others can make an impact. Next, look for relationships (internal or external) where a benefit can be established on both sides. Don’t only look at what you can get from others, but what you can bring to them.  Finally, take action:  Reach out to 2 or 3 potential partners, know some aren’t going to work out, learn, and keep moving forward.