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New Tech Solutions for Government Workers and How We're Streamlining the Aunt Bertha Mobile Experience

This week, the Aunt Bertha team read a great article on the growing mobile tech opportunities for the public sector. Government has been significantly slower to adopt emerging technologies with inadequate spending allocated to creative workflow solutions. So far, businesses are outpacing their public counterparts, leading to a so-called ‘productivity gap.’

“Our analysis shows that if mobile adoption rates in government were to double to 70 percent, additional value generated (in terms of government output) could exceed $50 billion annually.”

However, we are seeing some promising examples of how mobile technology is being used to streamline the day-to-day duties of public servants. Caseworkers and social workers, for example, spend most of their time ‘out in the field’ and away from their desk.

“Caseworkers perform critical tasks with tools that are often barely adequate. Some juggle as many as 80 clients each month. They spend most of their days making home or court visits, and some struggle to keep track of a multitude of intake forms, handwritten field notes, and client birth certificates and drivers’ licenses—all containing data they must enter manually into the system.”

Mobile technology seems like a natural fit for this type of ‘on the go’ work. Groups of caseworkers around the world are using mobile devices to enter key data and notes on the spot, while uploading this information directly to their agency’s database. This new practice is drastically reducing time spent on paperwork.

These type of innovations are exciting to Aunt Bertha, as we believe that caseworkers should be spending more time making a difference in the community and less time entering data or filling out paper forms. We’ve received many requests from our social worker clients to perform searches ‘on site’ or in the car in between client visits. We heard these requests and are pleased to announce a re-vamped mobile web interface - meaning that, our search is easier than ever to use on any mobile devices. Over the next few months, we will be working on integrating more product features that social workers are used to from our website, such as add programs to their favorites and leaving notes for themselves.


“Mobile technology allows governance to shift from one-way service delivery to a more collaborative, co-designed, and co-created model.”

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