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Imgur Brings Over 13,000 Visitors to Aunt Bertha

Last week, an anonymous person posted a picture of Aunt Bertha on a popular website called Imgur. Up until then, we didn't know Imgur existed, but apparently the rest of the world knows all about it :). 

Imgur is an image hosting site where pictures are ranked by popularity. Every day, over one million images are uploaded. Last Wednesday, we were voted to the top page! Within hours, over 9,000 new people had visited Aunt Bertha and many of them found help. 

It warmed our hearts to read the comments shared by viewers. Things like, "Thank you so much for this. I am an 18 year old kid who has a very low income, and a disabled mother. This helped me soooo much."

We are so grateful for all the visitors, and especially for those that found help. A great big thank you to the original poster. And please don't hesitate to keep sharing! 

Who is Aunt Bertha?

Many people ask us, "Who is Aunt Bertha?" We explain that Aunt Bertha is a friendly character who is there in a time of need, she doesn't judge and she doesn't mind if you wake her up late at night for help. As our founder, Erine, tells it,


"Everybody needs someone to go to when they're in trouble and it isn't always our parents. Aunt Bertha is the eccentric aunt we all have that helps us out."
This is the story we tell when people ask about Bertha. But today, the story unfolded a bit more. We were talking to Shana, the graphic designer who drew Bertha. We learned that her inspiration was her dad's wife's mom (did you follow that?). Her name was Edith. Shana shared this picture of Edith. We were so excited to unravel a bit more of her history. Do you see the resemblance?

New Feature: Favorite Folders

Do you like to keep a list of your favorite programs? Have you ever needed to make a list of programs for someone else? Now you can with Favorite Folders! 

It's easy to save multiple programs to a folder. You can create folders like Dental Programs or Food Pantries. Or, you can create Referral Folders if you would like to save a collection of programs for someone else. And, it's simple to print or email any of your saved folders.

Try it now! Just go to Aunt Bertha, type a zip code, select a category and a sub-category, andclick the grey star on any listing to get started.

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Award-Winning Non-Profit Uses Aunt Bertha to Digitize Intake Process

Foundation Communities is a non-profit that knows how to drive change.  Building on decades of service, the organization does much more than provide subsidized housing to thousands of people in Austin and North Texas.  They take a holistic approach to helping families get on their feet.  And it works.  But what is most striking is how effective they are in creating a sense of trust and belonging within their housing communities. 

At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all looking for right?  

A community to call our own.  To be known and know others.  To be seen.

Aunt Bertha first began working with Foundation Communities in May 2012.  We learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of their organization and in the process, fine tuned the way in which our solution could help them. In January 2013 they transitioned from a paper-based application process to Aunt Bertha’s intake management system.  We initially questioned whether the often-referenced ‘digital divide’ would prove to be a barrier for clients. Our concern was unfounded – within 8 months, 47% of their applications were generated online.

Read more about the partnership between Foundation Communities and Aunt Bertha in this Case Study!