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Happy Thanksgiving!

Aunt Bertha wants as many people as possible to enjoy a holiday meal so we pulled together a list of FREE THANKSGIVING MEALS from all over central Texas. 

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a new holiday season.  For some of us, it will be the first of several routinely chaotic days of travel in order to gather with friends and family for food, thanks and the big game. We will gladly put our everyday lives on hold to stuff ourselves with turkey and pretend we still love key lime pie.
Aunt Bertha’s mission is to help people in need find services and at this time of year we can’t help but imagine how difficult it must be for those who do not have what they need.   Aunt Bertha deeply wishes everyone could share a warm Thanksgiving meal but we know so many of us won’t be that lucky.   Many of us will not have the luxury of a holiday season; no means to take off work or travel back home. 
Every day, we work hard on improving the way we find services and communicate those services to you.   This summer we saw an increase in searches for ‘air conditioning’ and ‘utility assistance’ so we put together a list of programs to help relieve the heat and some of the expenses.  We were thankful to see so many programs focused on addressing such a critical need and it gives us goose-bumps to think of all the community lunches and dinners planned to ensure everyone gets their share of turkey and stuffing.
Find a FREE Thanksgiving meal in your area at  Just type in your zip code and search for “thanksgiving”.
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