AuntBertha_white-44.pngis committed to the success of your Accountable Health Communities grant.

(we're covering the software costs)

We've read the requirements published by CMMI (see our point-by-point summary here), and we're committed to supporting all of them. This means that grantees get to use our standard edition - for free. No gimmicks. How's that for refreshing? 

Our founders have spent their careers working on the issues that the three tracks in the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) model address - increasing awareness of available programs, assisting beneficiaries with finding and applying to the programs they need, and providing the reports necessary to help align community services with needs.

Grants come and go (and government priorities change), but we know that the problems that you are committed to solving persist. That's why, as a company, we've decided to do everything we can to support your mission. 

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Aunt Bertha is used by health care and social service professionals across the US.

The Aunt Bertha Platform is used everyday by people across the United States to assess needs, find programs and make referrals - many of them health care and social work professionals and the program beneficiaries they are assisting. Watch the video and hear from others just like you who are already seeing results. See why Aunt Bertha's used by over 1,000,000 Americans.

Extensive program data, accessible to all.

Our team is dedicated to keeping program data across the US complete, accurate, and up-to-date.  We have an exhaustive list of social services for every zip code in the United States, even the tiniest towns.  Check it out yourself by going to From food pantries to clothes for work, the Aunt Bertha program database provides instant access to comprehensive, localized listings. It makes finding programs a more efficient, effective process for your staff and those you serve.

The search and referral program is designed with people in need in mind, and is easily accessed from mobile devices or through screen readers and keyboard-only navigation for those with disabilities.  It is also viewable in over 100 different languages.

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Assist beneficiaries in finding the right program in seconds with a social needs assessment.

Automate assessments that are important to your organization, such as PRAPARE, the Staying Healthy Assessment, or questions provided to you by CMS when you win the Accountable Health Communities grant, into the system.  Your staff or beneficiaries can complete the assessment and immediately receive personalized search results.

With Aunt Bertha you can gather important population health data while helping to better address and assess the social determinants of health for your beneficiaries.

Your team can also configure a Guided Search tool to help your staff identify the appropriate interventions for your beneficiaries based on their needs and the root causes of those needs.

Get the insights you need to understand the health of the populations you serve and provide required reporting back to CMS.

Develop data-driven strategies and take the guesswork out of analytics. Our reporting dashboard gives your organization ready access to the “who,” “what,” and “where” so you can get to the “why” faster. With a more complete picture of community needs, your organization can create required reporting and make smarter decisions when it comes to aligning partners and informing a gap analysis.

Your community program partners will have access to Aunt Bertha tools that will allow them to receive referrals online, configure screeners, and communicate with your beneficiaries to close the loop on the referrals you make.


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Finding out about Aunt Bertha was a goldmine.

We are teaching clients how to help themselves. It's a very valuable resource because it can be used right on the spot."

Linda Murphy, UT Austin School of Nursing

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