Aunt Bertha ensures people find and connect with the help they need.

Our breadth of update-to-date social services programs, ease of use, and advanced features have led hundreds of thousands of users in ever zip code in America, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns, use it to find help.

From parents struggling with rising rent in big cities, to family members caring for aging parents in rural locations, to school teachers and Fortune 50 healthcare employees dealing with overwhelming caseloads for their students and patients, our platform makes it easy for people to get the help they need all day, every day.

We wake up every day to assure all people in need find, get referred to, and connect with programs that can help them. That is our mission.

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Some of Our Customers

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What We Do

Aunt Bertha makes it easy for organizations helping people with social needs to find and make referrals to appropriate programs and services for food, shelter, health care, work, financial assistance and more.  We serve those working in healthcare, education, government, child welfare, corrections and more, as well as providers of social services and individuals in need.

Aunt Bertha's search, referral and application software platform is used every day by people across the United States, many of them healthcare and social work professionals just like you.  Please see our features, the types of organizations we help and learn why Aunt Bertha is used by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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The Aunt Bertha Platform

For organizations that help people navigate social needs, the the Aunt Bertha Platform provides instant access to comprehensive, localized listings with hundreds of programs in every ZIP code in the United States that we keep updated (not your team - say goodbye to outdates lists!) in your own branded site configured for your team and community. The tools in your instance of the Platform provide a more efficient, effective process to make and manage referrals, making your team more efficient, your community better able to get the help they need, and you to track all the data you want along the way.

The Platform allows your organization to configure the search navigation and to prioritize the search results to meet the needs of your customers. It allows your teams to work together more efficiently, including sharing favorite programs and referrals and closing the loop on referrals that are made.

With comprehensive data and analysis tools, the Platform also provides you with detailed reporting on the needs your community faces.



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Alleviating Social Needs Creates Impact, Saves Money for Many Types of Organizations

Aunt Bertha works with organizations in health care, education, government, child welfare, corrections and more to provide a measurable platform to find appropriate programs and make social needs-based referrals. 

Why? The effects of alleviating social needs go beyond immediate expectations. When social needs are met a person's health improves which reduces hospital readmission rates and costs, children are less likely to miss school, older students are less likely to drop out, and prison recidivism rates decline. All of these things improve lives and save individuals, organizations, and the system money.

In addition to helping their clients, the data provided by the Platform helps organizations to monitor progress and make informed decisions.

Who We Help

We Also Help Social Service Programs Succeed

Organizations that provide free or reduced-cost social services are either already on the Platform or can easily be added. This assures people in need can find your program. Program providers can then claim their program, owning the information and more.

Once a program has been claimed, the organization can make updates to program data, add an application or screener form to the program listing on Aunt Bertha, see reports on how people in need are interacting with their program, and view, manage and respond to referrals within the Aunt Bertha platform.

The Aunt Bertha team offers regular training to help organizations claim their programs and manage their data.  Learn what your organization can do with Aunt Bertha!

Get Training

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Understand how users interact with your program

We are teaching clients how to help themselves. It's a very valuable resource because it can be used right on the spot.

Linda Murphy, UT Austin School of Nursing

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