Aunt Bertha is a Public Benefit Corporation based in Austin, TX. Our mission is to make human services information accessible to people and programs.

That means people in need find help in seconds.

That also means programs have a better understanding of the people they serve, and their community's needs.

Aunt Bertha began with a simple idea – that every person and family should have one place online where they can find help in a time of need – and we’ve been transforming the way social services information is organized and delivered ever since.

For people in need, Aunt Bertha is building the country’s most comprehensive online directory of social service organizations. By putting the information in their hands, we’re bringing dignity to the experience of finding help. And for organizations offering help, we are giving them tools and insights to deliver the right services to the right places and to do more with less. 

Our Mission and Beliefs

As a Certified B Corporation, Aunt Bertha is bound to its mission to make human services information accessible to people and programs, and these five beliefs govern our work:

Everybody should be able to find program information in seconds.

People can and will help themselves with the right tools.

Data shows patterns that can help prevent suffering.

Organizations and communities want better ways to work together.

Software should never get in the way of helping people.

Our Team

Erine Gray

Erine Gray
Founder & CEO

Erine Gray is a 2014 TED Fellow, a 2012 Unreasonable Institute Fellow and a graduate of Indiana University and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Prior to founding Aunt Bertha, he led a 60-person team that streamlined applications for health and human services in the State of Texas and delivered $5 million in annual savings. His passion for transforming social services grew from first-hand experience.

Stu Scruggs

Stu Scruggs

Stu Scruggs brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the Aunt Bertha team. Before joining Aunt Bertha, Stu managed the forecasting and data analysis activities for the health and human services integrated eligibility system in Texas. He helped develop tools to optimize operational efficiencies for this multi-million dollar project.

Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha

Our namesake. Aunt Bertha’s not a real person, but she’s very real to us. We think of her as the aunt we all deserve. She’s tough but fair and always there. When the going’s great, she’ll celebrate. When the going’s tough, she’ll set you straight. She calls our team to keep going and always do our best for the people and families we serve.

Chris Dunkin

Chris Dunkin
VP of Sales

Velisia Escobar

Velisia Escobar
Data Analyst

Miranda Hoff

Miranda Hoff
Project Manager

Ruby Ku

Ruby Ku
Product Manager

Frank Pena

Frank Pena

Sukumar Vaddi

Sukumar Vaddi

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