Easily Assess the Social Needs of Your Clients withAuntBertha_white-44.png

 Get the data you need while empowering your clients to help themselves and immediately receive personalized results when they answer the questions in your configured social needs assessment

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You can automate the assessments that are important to your organization, such as PRAPARE (Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patient’s Assets, Risks and Experiences), the Staying Healthy Assessment, or Fall Risk assessments.  These assessments give you the data you require while helping your clients find the most appropriate programs to meet their individual needs. 

Provide personalized recommendations to programs while taking action on required social needs assessments. Your staff members may complete the assessment on behalf of a client, or you may choose to help your clients maintain dignity through privacy while taking a self-assessment to find the program results that will best fit their individual needs.  


When the assessment is submitted, Aunt Bertha immediately displays personalized search results based on the specific social service needs your client has identified.


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Social needs assessment data is critical to ongoing operations at many organizations.


The assessment results are saved in a secure system and are available to your organization to upload to the patient record.  Aunt Bertha also provides detailed reporting so your team can better understand aggregate information on the needs in your community.

The Aunt Bertha Platform can help your organization complete your required assessments while making it easier for your clients to find the programs that best serve their needs.

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