Your social service connection, secured.

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Our data management staff have over a decade of experience working with large data sets and keeping them secure. Our servers are located in the cloud, and are managed by state of the art teams that have achieved the highest security audits and certifications possible. 


Aunt Bertha uses SSL for transmitting private data, the same high security standard used by online banks and healthcare organizations. Our team keeps pace with best­ practice industry standards to protect data and ensures HIPAA compliance.




Aunt Bertha only grants data access to authorized individuals. Your privacy is our top priority. Our team completes HIPAA training to understand how to keep personal information secure while delivering important services to providers.


With the Aunt Bertha Search and Referrals Platform, your team can securely handle Personal Health Information (PHI) as it relates to the social needs of patients .

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Aunt Bertha is so powerful because it combines the institutional knowledge of providers across Camden and makes that knowledge publicly available.


Dr. Jeffrey Brenner
Founder, Camden Coalition