AuntBertha_white-44.pngGives Organizations the Information They Need to Understand Their Impact. 

The reporting features in the Aunt Bertha Platform are designed to give organizations a data-backed picture of the impact they are having on their community so they can make informed decisions and improve their ability to serve others. 

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From high-level understanding of how well needs and programs are matching up in an area, all the way down to specific clicks your team and your clients are making on the site, our reporting gives managers the big picture and detailed information they need to improve their operations.

Interactive reports mean that your team can look at the whole picture, and then dive into the data, dig around and take a deeper look at the things that interest your organization the most.

Looking for clear insight into the problems that your care teams and your clients are facing? With the Aunt Bertha Platform, you get the data you need in real time.

User Engagement

Organizations can understand how users in their community are engaging with the Aunt Bertha tool.  Including what types of programs they are searching for, what actions they take on the site and even custom reports to help determine what challenges their users face when it comes to finding programs to help with social needs.

Team Engagement

Program administrators can keep an eye on how their team is working with the Aunt Bertha Software.  Managers can use this to see how active their staff members are, and to see if staff members are doing what it takes to not only make referrals but also to follow through on the outcomes.

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The Aunt Bertha Platform reporting structures and the optional custom monthly analysis supports the development of custom reports for enterprise customers. For example, your team may want a comprehensive report and a custom analysis that could ultimately show the number of food pantries that are available in a particular ZIP code contrasted against the demand for food programs as shown by search, in order to better inform decisions or your team.

The Aunt Bertha Platform gives organizations a detailed picture of need in their area, and demonstrates how their team is working to reduce that need. Get a demo and see how the reporting features of Aunt Bertha can help your organization.

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We are much more sophisticated about the data we have in terms of need... and are able to better understand the pressing issues facing people that are living in poverty and help organizations unite to face those challenges.


  Kristen Bourne
Director Of Marketing, CAFB