AuntBertha_white-44.pngMakes Referrals Easy.

Manage referrals, inquiries, and applications from the Aunt Bertha Platform.
Clients, Case Managers, and Programs can work together to close the referral loop, assuring that people in need recieve the services that will help them.

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Enter basic information to make a referral

Aunt Bertha makes referrals easy with electronic referrals and electronic forms for intake and applications. For every program listing, a Refer or Apply Button appears so people in need and those who help them can easily connect with the programs they need.

Organizations using the advanced Aunt Bertha Platform can make referrals on behalf of clients and share those referrals between their team members to ensure continuity of service for their clients.

Aunt Bertha allows all parties involved in a referral to review and update the status of the referral to ensure healthy outcomes (close the loop).  

Team members using the Aunt Bertha Platform can  track the referral status of the clients they are helping and team members, the referred organization, or the client can update the status of the referral to show whether or not the client was able to receive services.

Through the platform, participating organizations and programs can also receive referrals electronically. Employees at those organizations can then reach out to directly provide support.

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View and manage the status of referrals

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Screeners can be configured to the needs of your programs

For any free or reduced cost services that an organization provides, they can utilize our online application functionality to accept applications through a web based form.

Organizations can also request additional information from an applicant, and the applicant can quickly attach a copy of a driver’s license, pay stub, or other documents by simply taking a picture and attaching to an email.

Organizations can easily review the applications, update the status, and send the applicant a note such as: “Your appointment time is 2 PM Thursday, please bring your photo I.D.”

Organizations that help people in need can use the Aunt Bertha Platform to make referrals, manage applications and ensure that the people that they help receive the services they need most.

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