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Reporting for Impact


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Imagine how much more you could do, if you knew with certainty exactly what resources your patients or community members are looking for, and whether or not your community has the programs to help them.  Our new reporting gives key stakeholders even more insight into this mission critical information

By partnering with Aunt Bertha, you have access to individual search data on the site so you can get a real-time understanding of the  the needs of people in your community.  Combined, this data paints a picture of what resources are in the highest demand, and where gaps may exist between those needs and available services.
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With these interactive dashboards decision makers are empowered to answer questions like:

What was the top search in my county this week?
How many people searched for housing in my state last month?
How many programs are available to people living in my county? 
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Another key feature of the new reports is the ability to track not only searches for resources, but also additional steps that users take to move towards accessing a program. 
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The "Engagement Activity" dashboard allows users to see when people explore more information about a specific program, take a next step to reach out (such as clicking a phone number or getting directions), and also when users refer themselves directly to a program using our "Connect" feature.  These additional pieces of information offer more insight into whether or not people find the resource they are looking for.

Our goal here at Aunt Bertha is to make sure that you take advantage of this wealth of information available to you. To learn more, request a reporting demonstration below.

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