Aunt Bertha is the #1 social service search and referrals software platform.

Our users and clients in all 50 states - in the biggest cities and in the smallest towns - use Aunt Bertha to find free and reduced cost services for themselves or their clients.

Our customers are the most innovative organizations in the United States and include:

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What We Do

Aunt Bertha makes it easy for people facing social needs - and those who help others - to find and make referrals to appropriate programs and services for food, shelter, health care, work, financial assistance and more.  We serve those working in healthcare, education, government, child welfare and more.

Aunt Bertha's search, referral and application software platform is used every day by people across the United States, many of them healthcare and social work professionals just like you.  Please see our features, the types of organizations we help and learn why Aunt Bertha is used by more than two hundred and eighty thousand Americans.


The Aunt Bertha Platform

For organizations that help people navigate social needs, the advanced data capabilities of the Aunt Bertha Platform provide instant access to comprehensive, localized listings with hundreds of programs in every ZIP code in the United States. The tools in the Platform provide a more efficient, effective process to make and manage referrals.

The Platform allows your organization to customize search navigation and to prioritize the search results to meet the needs of your customers. It allows your teams to work together more efficiently, including sharing favorite programs and referrals and closing the loop on referrals that are made.

With comprehensive data and analysis tools, the Platform also provides you with detailed reporting on the needs your community faces.



Helping Organizations Succeed

The effects of alleviating social needs go beyond immediate expectations. When social needs are met children are less likely to miss school, older students are less likely to drop out, recidivism rates show a decline, and health improves, reducing hospital readmission rates and costs.

Aunt Bertha works with organizations in health care, education, government, child welfare and more to provide a measurable platform to find appropriate programs and make social needs-based referrals.

In addition to helping their clients, the data provided by the Platform helps organizations to monitor progress and make informed decisions.

Who We Help

Helping Programs Succeed

Organizations that provide free or reduced-cost social services to people can add their programs to the Aunt Bertha search or claim existing programs that are in the search.

Once a program has been claimed, the organization can make updates to program data, add an application or screener form to the program listing on Aunt Bertha, and view, manage and respond to referrals within the Aunt Bertha platform - sharing that referral with both the person in need and the person who referred them.

The Aunt Bertha team offers regular training to help organizations claim their programs and manage their data.  Learn what your organization can do with Aunt Bertha!

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We are teaching clients how to help themselves. It's a very valuable resource because it can be used right on the spot.

Linda Murphy, UT Austin School of Nursing

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