Aunt Bertha is the #1 social service search and referrals software platform. 

With an award-winning software platform and nationwide social service program directory, we've been helping hospitals, foundations, clinics, medicaid managed care providers and local non-profits find government and charitable social services for their clients since 2010.

Our users and clients are in all 50 states - in the biggest cities - and in the smallest towns. And our customers are the most innovative organizations in the United States, and include:



Aunt Bertha's search, refer and apply software platform is used everyday by people across the United States - many of them health care and social work professionals just like you. Watch the video and hear from others just like you who are already seeing results. See why Aunt Bertha's used by more than two hundred and fifty thousand Americans.

Check it out yourself by going to From food pantries to clothes for work, the Aunt Bertha program database provides instant access to comprehensive, localized listings. It makes finding programs a more efficient, effective process for your staff and those you serve.

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Aunt Bertha's search, referrals and application processing platform allows your clients to connect on any device and check the status of their inquiry or application. If your case managers or social workers are navigating on their behalf, they always know what’s going on with their referrals.  

Develop data-driven strategies and take the guesswork out of analytics. Our reporting dashboard gives your organization ready access to the “who,” “what,” and “where” so you can get to the “why” faster. With a more complete picture of community needs, your organization can make smarter decisions.  


We are teaching clients how to help themselves. It's a very valuable resource because it can be used right on the spot.

Linda Murphy, UT Austin School of Nursing

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